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Making Hay with HALCO

Straw and hay storage is so important in the world of agriculture. Proper covering and protection can make the difference between quality produce and poor produce. Our client, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of hay and straw coverings, uses a HALCO solution to help produce the best products in the market.

These coverings are made with a special textile that allows the hay and straw to breathe, whilst keeping all water out. HALCO KLASP Mushroom Hook is used in the fixings kit to help weigh down the covering. The textile used in the coverings has a loop surface, allowing the mushroom hook to easily connect. 

HALCO KLASP Mushroom Hook provides a super-strong bond, with an extremely high peel and shear strength. As these coverings are outside with the uncertainty of the weather, this bond is vitally important to keep the different elements at bay.

Mushroom Hook
HALCO KLASP Mushroom Hook

For more information on HALCO KLASP Mushroom Hook, visit the product page now and download the technical sheet, or contact us and talk to a hook and loop specialist about your needs and requirements.

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